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Why are Olympiad Exams Important| JEE, NEET, CA, etc.

Today children want to reach new milestones and be successful in whatever they do early on in life. Parents want to see their kids in harmony interpersonally and intrapersonally. Gone are the days when students were only tested on the basis of school examinations. A child who isn’t good at one thing can be great at another. Every individual is good at something. It is the parent’s responsibility to discover what their child is good at and what he is not good at. This will help them to make sure that their child develops in a wholesome manner. The examination, Olympiads, provides the best platform for this. They not only help students academically but also help with personality development. Taking part in these exams will help students be more comfortable with facing challenges and taking risks.

Motive Behind Olympiads:

The main motive behind Olympiads is to build aptitude in the children and encourage them to pursue a particular subject with more interest and meaning. They help children to practice their reasoning and other skills. It also helps them to learn and understand concepts better than the traditional method of learning. Also, taking part in these challenging exams will also build the confidence of students which will help shape their personality. Listed below are some of the benefits of participating in these exams:

● They are set up to build a strong foundation of fundamental concepts in the students. The questions will not only test the knowledge but also how well they understand the concepts. Also, to solve some questions, the student might be required to implement more than one concept. This will increase the student’s problem-solving skills. Students will be better equipped to answer tricky questions in important exams.
● They test skills such as identifying, comparing, observing, classifying, inferring, predicting, listening, reading, writing, etc. Students will develop these skills through participation, which will help them in the long run. In college or on the job these skills are very important. Companies look for these skills in potential employees.
● These exams build confidence amongst the students. The skills they learn enhances their confidence which will help them to take on new challenges. This also shifts the way students think to a growth mindset. Students learn how to think outside the box. They build a mindset that helps them in learning new skills. The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset. Students having fixed mindsets will be stuck and will never progress.
● Students are also able to improve their academic performance in school by participating in these tests. Some schools even have tie-ups and encourage students to participate in these tests. Students sharpen their thinking skills and are able to grasp the concept in a better manner. They learn how to understand the questions properly and answer them in an efficient and effective manner. These exams also help students in learning tricks and tips which they can use to save time in other examinations.
● They provide an insight into other competitive exams. Exposure to these competitions at a young age can prepare students better to take on competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CA, etc., later on in life. Students also learn about their strengths and weaknesses which helps them with career planning. These exams help students in understanding their interest and subjects that they have an aptitude for.
● It also provides an opportunity to meritorious students to gain recognition and participate at a State, National, or International level. It helps the bright students in building their resume. The recognition increases the confidence of students and helps in building talent. These exams can also develop analytical thinking in students. It teaches them something that they do not learn in the classroom.
● Students who do well in these exams receive cash rewards, certificates, medal, etc. All these recognitions can be added to their resume. Admission into colleges is also easier for students who have won some of these competitions. A lot of institutes provide scholarships to students who do well in these exams.

Some of the well-known Olympiads conducted in India are:

● National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)
● Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO)
● National English Olympiad (NEO)
● Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

European Countries Olympiad Exam Rules:

Here are the rules and guidelines a student has to follow while sitting for an Olympiad exam in Europe:

● Each contestant must work independently.
● The Invigilators who have the knowledge about the subject of the examination (if any) may provide assistance to the candidate to understand the question better.
● From the requested list of languages, one has to be an official language.
● A contestant my receive an award or a certificate for an exceptional work to solve any problem.
● Each candidate receives a Certificate of Participation.

Some people feel that these exams are a burden. They think that it is unnecessary additional pressure that is not required. Even some parents feel that these exams may affect their children’s grades negatively. Students often feel that these exams are only for the brightest students. On the contrary, these exams can help any student. They can realize their strong points and even improve their performance in other examinations. These competitions are a very good platform and parents should encourage their children to participate in them.They help students understand where they stand amongst others. India does not do very well at the international level because students are not exposed to these exams at a young age, unlike other countries. However, today there are many talented students in the country and many new Olympiads have been set up to encourage participation from the youth.

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