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How to Track Cell Phone without Knowing Them

Gone are the days when your child use cell phone device and you remain clueless about their activities either on the cellular network of Android or on the virtual world having access to the internet. In addition, the same is the case with your employees who Use Company’s owned devices in terms of android smartphones and gadgets and you don’t know what really they are doing in your absence.

In case, you want to know what your kids and teens are doing on the cell phone or on the web and to whom they are having conversations, what types of apps they are using, what they used to share on social media and what they really do on smartphone most the time.

Furthermore, being employers, you may be concerned about your employee’s time-wasting activities, lacking with productivity and maybe get involved in data tempering or selling company’s secrets using cell phone device of android owned by the company.

Then you just need to think anymore, simply bring cell phone tracking software and dig out all the rabbit wholes within no time by tracking mobile phone device running with android OS without them knowing.

The best solution for digital parenting & for employee monitoring

If you are running with digital parenting and employee monitoring concerns then you don’t need to worry anymore. Android spy app has come with the solutions that suit both the parents and to employers.

However, you need to get your hands on first and you also have to perform a few steps in order to track a mobile phone without children or employees knowing. Let’s get to know what you need to do in the following steps.

The following mentioned steps lead you to the best phone tracking software and will guide you on how to install it and to use it to get the job done significantly.

Install mobile phone tracking software on target device

Step1: Use your digital device browser

You can simply use your personal cell phone or PC and use browser connected to the internet. In addition, go to the web page of the mobile phone spy app. Once you are on the page then you need to get it.

Step2: Get subscription online

Simply, get subscription online and you will receive an email that gives the credentials. After procuring the passcode and ID you need to install the phone tracking app.

Step3: Get physical possession of target device

It is the times have physical access on the target device and the moment you have to start the installation. Once you have completed the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device. Furthermore, you will see a pop –up on the android screen that allows you to monitor the cell phone without the target knowing. You can end up with the process of activation on the target device.

Step4: Use password & ID to get access to the web portal

Now you can use the already procured credentials and get access to the electronic web portal. Now you can get access to the plenty of tools the makes you capable of to track target Android mobile phone of your kids or employee within no time. Let’s discuss all the tools that actually get the job done remotely without them knowing.

 Track phone with mobile phone tracking software for android tools

Live screen tracking app

You can perform live screen recording on android without them knowing using secret screen recording app. It enables you to record screen in terms of videos back to the back of chrome, SMS, social media apps, email and applied passwords. You can view live recorded videos using the online control panel.

Track IM’s logs without rooting

You can track IM’s logs without rooting Android and get text messages logs, text conversations, audio video calls, shared photos, videos and voice messages.

Text messages tracking

The end user can track messages sent received on android without the target knowing and can read messages, SMS, MMS  and others alike.

GPS location tracker

You can monitor the GPS location of the target device with pinpoint accuracy using location tracking app for Android. In addition, user can track location history, weekly location history and mark safe and restricted areas on the MAP.


You can remotely track a cell phone and gadgets of your employees and kids respectively for digital parenting and for employees monitoring without them knowing using cell phone tracking spyware.

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