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Know the Dangers of WhatsApp, Viber & IMO Group Chats; How to Protect Your Kids?

The instant messaging applications have grabbed the attention and dedication of teenagers by providing them fun ways to communicate. The apps enable users to exchange photos, videos, stickers, emoticons and audios with individuals and groups. It was never as easy and simple to communicate with people as it is today and the credit goes to instant messengers like WhatsApp, Viber and IMO. While these messengers enable users to communicate with the people worldwide without paying anything, they also expose younger children to several risks. From cyberbullying and online child predation to sexting, there are several potential dangers of instant messaging and social media apps. This article discusses the dangers of most commonly used instant messaging apps including WhatsApp, Viber and IMO. Also, it provides complete guide on how parents can protect their children from these endangerments.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is currently the most popular and commonly used instant messaging app that allows users to exchange text, photos, videos, voice recordings, GPS location and files of different formats. It also offers voice calls and video calls to individuals and groups. It is very simple to create account on WhatsApp messenger without providing any personal information. The app only requires an authentic mobile phone number to verify your account. After account verification, it syncs your contact list and let you communicate with your fellows.


Viber is another commonly used instant messaging app which is popular in certain regions of the world. The instant messenger offers almost all features as offered by WhatsApp. It enables users to exchange text, photos, videos, audios and make audio and video calls. Viber also allows creating an account on the instant messaging app without providing authentic information. There is no age verification process or any other process to verify the authenticity of information provided by the user.


The next commonly used instant messenger on our list is IMO messenger. IMO has a specific target audience most of which are teens and younger children. The application offers exchange of text messages, media messages and voice and video calls. It uses the internet connection to let you communicate with the people across the world without paying anything.

Potential Dangers of WhatsApp, Viber and IMO

The instant messaging applications carry several dangers for underage children. We have shared here the most common online dangers including cyberbullying, online child predation and sexting.


The online bullying is the most common threat that has been affecting millions of social media and instant messenger users. The use of electronic means such as instant messengers and social media apps to frequently harass, threaten, offend or humiliate someone is termed as cyberbullying. The bullies use WhatsApp and other commonly used instant messengers to send threatening messages to the target. The bullying via instant messengers can have more severe impacts on the target because these apps allow persecutors to keep their identities hidden.

Online Child Predation

The child predators take advantage of instant messaging apps to lure the target. They send sexually explicit photos and videos to younger children via WhatsApp and other instant messengers. Parents can protects them by using whatsapp spy app.


Sexting is a rising trend among teenage boys and girls who make use of instant messengers to exchange sexually explicit stuff. The objectionable photos and videos exchanged by teens can be misused and distributed to cause damage to the target.

How to Protect Kids from Dangers of Instant Messengers

Parents can protect their children from the potential dangers of instant messengers by supervising their digital behavior and educating them about secure and responsible use of instant and social messengers.

Monitor Instant Messengers

There is cell phone monitoring app that enables parents to keep track of online activities of their children. The monitoring app also allows tracking the use of instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber and IMO. Once you install the mobile phone tracker app on the android phone of your kid, you can remotely monitor every single online and offline activity of your kid. The ogymogy monitoring app monitor whatsapp chat that you read the online chats of your teens to ensure they are not being targeted by bullies or predators.
The mobile phone monitoring app gets access to instant messages stored on the phone memory and uploads to the online control panel. Parents can log into the online portal and read all messages out there without needing the mobile phone of their children. Also, they can track their kids’ voice calls, video calls, group chats, photos, videos, friend-lists and follower lists. They can also get the mobile phone screens of their kids recorded to capture every single activity performed on the targeted phone.

The Bottom Line

The cell phone monitoring and parental control app enables parents to protect their children from the potential threats of the instant messengers. As well as monitoring, they must also educate their kids about secure and responsible use of these communication apps.

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