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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Study Skills for College Students

When it comes to our college life things are different and they change. At this time we can also say that this is a transition period of a student. A student may require study skills at this hour.  However, there are some benefits and some demerits to it as well. If you have the right study skills balance the time management and retain information for a longer time. However if you do not have right spelling skills so you cannot manage time, you can learn for longer hours and cannot learn, also you not be able to retain the information because you would study in the night without proper planning. When a student enters a college life or university automatically intervenes in them because the study changes and things and the scenarios also change. But keep in mind there are some students who do not learn the study skills, and they turn out to be a disaster and a disadvantage.

As usual, we mentioned that everything has merit and demerit at the same time. Similarly, the study skills also have some merits and some demerits that we are going to have a look today.

Advantages of study skills for college students

Have a look at the merits first:

Retention of data and information

The first advantage of study skills for college students is that you retain the information very easily and quickly. There are many students who say that they can pass the college course without study, they claim and save that they retain the information in a much better manner.  Study skills help in this regard, that they help a student to retain the information that they have learned at the very moment. The short term memory of a student is converted into long-term memory with the good study skills that you have. Also, this retention is done, through multiple procedures for the students like an examination and tests are taken you see that what a student has learned so far.

Most out class ranks

The second advantage of the study skills for the college student is to have better grades. Who doesn’t want to attain good grades when they study in the college, obviously everyone is looking for good grades when it comes to the study. Through the good study skills, you can get the most out class ranks. The reason for this is, you study, and when you study you can definitely attain better marks than those of the students who do not study. How ever there also students who can pass the examination for the college even if they do not have good study skills, but there are only going to pass but not get the distinction. If you’re looking for some best grades and a distinction amongst your friends for the whole of the class so you must develop good study skills.

Now let’s see at the disadvantages of study skills;

Just like the advantages, there are also some disadvantages of study skills of college; let us put a light on a few.

Students learn at night

Learning at night is not a good thing at all. The reason for this age if you will learn at night so you will not have a complete sleep; when your sleep is not completed you cannot wake up in the morning, even if you wake up in the morning you are not active and your mind is mousse. This means you may be ready at night but you are not ready for the next day. This is now a contemporary method to learn at night but this is not what you must do. So this is a bad study skill that is adopted by the youngsters these days. You must really avoid this because it does put knowledge in your short term memory but not your long term one.

You cannot manage time in a better manner

When you do not have a good study skill this means you cannot manage the time in a better manner. When you are a student you need to effectively design your plan in such a way that you do every activity of yours including your studies. If you have good education and study skills you can divide your time in equal proportions so that you could give time to your food yourself your studies your extracurricular activities and lastly your education.

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