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Step By Step – Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

As we are saying goodbye to the winter’s chills, it’s almost the time to welcome the warm season. There is so much to enjoy when it comes to spring. From flying a kite to going to the beach, you can do a lot. With each season comes new hang out plans and parties. So, if you want to stand out in spring 2018, I have come up with a full range of fashion trends.

Whether you’re hoping to wear your booties into the new season or want to bite the bullet on your first pair of cropped high-rise trousers, we’ve pulled together the top trend to be on the lookout for this spring.

Following are the 12 fashion trends which you should definitely look for.


Satin is such a comfortable fabric which gives sexy looks to whoever wears it. In fact, it was also prominent in the runways. You can go for satin bow blouse or a full satin dress. You will surely look incredible!

Kitten Heels

A woman can surely understand the love for heels! This spring, kitten heels will be trendy to make you look even gorgeous. So, get the kitten heels that go with your dress and enjoy looking stunning.

Asymmetrical Skirts

Skirts are always loved and a must-have for your spring wardrobe. Whether you have a Sunday brunch with your friends or a lovely day at the beach with your loved ones, asymmetrical skirts will do great.

White Shoes

We all have seen many white booties in this fall and winter and I don’t think this trend is going anywhere in spring. Grab the modern white shoes and have a comfortable time.

Mini Bucket Bags

You won’t be carrying big handbags this spring because bucket bags are trendy this time. You can keep all your important stuff in this smaller fashion without any hassle.

High-Waist Trousers

Whether you prefer long, cropped, wide leg or straight, anything high-waisted is the way to go this spring. All the major brands are having high-waist trousers in their stores so you will easily find one just according to your choice.

Sheer Fabrics

You will notice too much sheer this season in many forms. From sheer socks to transparent tops, it will be seen almost everywhere.

Woven Flats

On the warmer days, it will be comfortable to wear woven shoes, particularly woven shoes. Whether it’s about going to the workplace or a quick shopping, it will be a great choice.

Belted Coats

With the arrival of each winter, we buy a trench coat. This spring, you will be buying belted coats as they are trending. Get one and have a classic stylish look that will make a last-long impression.


From black and white to perpendicular, stripes are making a statement this spring. Grab a striped top or long dress, you will surely look great!

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