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How Can An HR Software Streamline The Business Processes

Every HR team in the business world are responsible for managing all functions and improving profitability. They invest their 50 % of the time into employees’ payroll process and all entire process such as recruitment to retirement processes. For solving employees’ queries, the HR team and employees used paper, and this process takes a lot of time. Conventionally, the HR team needs to interact with every department for gathering payroll inputs such as attendance data, performance data, expense, bonus, etc. But instead of this manual process using a reliable HR software which automates all process and HR team feels free from repetitive tasks and they can make business plans. HR core functions are to manage various documents, and HR Software can streamline the processes and integrate all source and modules at one single place. Therefore, reduce the workload and increase output efficiency. Here we will provide some features which help to streamline the business process.

Employee Self-Service:

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If you have a large business, where the workforce is working in different departments. All frequently come to the HR department to solve their doubts. HR team became the burdened with tasks and can’t focus on more strategies aspects of the business. payroll software has employee’s self-service portal which can help the HR team and change the process through which correspondence performed manually. An employee can check their updated personal information at any time from anywhere and update information as well as view their attendance record, leave balance, reimbursement details and download payslip over there. An employee can perform such kind of activities after the working hours if the self-service portal is available; otherwise, they can carry on working time regarding leave request, attendance detail, travel expense, etc. If any employees some times work on client location at that time employees can punch and upload document by capturing from their mobile devices. If an employee wants to check their statutory compliance, they can review all records after login into the portal. These all details and document digitalized stored in a cloud database. With the self-service, usually significant impact on employees through which increases the employee’s engagement. Apart from these benefit ESS perform the various employee’s related function such as upload payslip, accept or reject employees application, provides the online tasks to employees, and track the employees live location based on GPS tracking system.

Attendance and Performance Tracking :

Conventionally, time tracking process becomes very complex some times employee forgot entry for login & log out time, and arise more issue of buddy punching. With manual employees time tracking, payroll process becomes complex. Automated HR software calculates all complex functions such as employees’ over time, working hours, manage multiple shifts, rotational plan, and calculate working days. These systems generate an actual payment of every employee which employees work on the organization no chance to make data duplication. HR personnel generates quick attendance reports of every departments’ employees from which they can provide analysis of employees working hours and whole day either monthly, weekly or day wise. As an employer you want to give salary to employees base on employees performance but, how to track their performance? The paper-based system cannot follow the actual employees’ performance. The automated system allows you to set KPI, KRA, metrics, and goals as upon these report HR team analyze them. By implementing a computerized system employee understand the importance of their contribution to achieving business objectives and foals as well as regular performance feedback through employee can know where they need to improve work quality.

Strategies Analysis :

HR software provides the various reports and based on report examination HR manager gets the answer to the business questions and take different decisions. If your business operates from multiple locations, they want you to need to analysis and regularization on other location’s employees. But how’s it possible? With the HR automation system, you can generate the report as per your requirements such as attendance, performance, leave, statutory compliance, and payroll reports. According to the results reflected in these reports, the HR team can make new policies if they require. Business management can decide the plans and make decisions on the new project as well as they can predict how much time in complete specific projects. Report analysis through HR personnel can determine which employees work performance is best and which one is work on regularizing basis.

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