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How To Write A Scholarship Essay For Studying Abroad?

Most scholarship applications nowadays require the applicants to write an essay. One of the reasons for this requirement is that it helps the selection committee to know about the applicant. The decision about whether to award the scholarship or not, is made a lot easier if the committee members feel that they know the applicant. By asking you to write a scholarship essay, selection committee members also ensure that you have the ability to clearly express yourself through your writing. An important point to be noted in this regard is that writing a scholarship essay for studying abroad is not much different from writing any other scholarship essay. The steps to be followed in both the cases are exactly the same. There is only a little difference in the overall focus of the writer. Following are a few suggestions that would help you come up with a winning scholarship essay if you are applying for a foreign university.

Read the given directions

The type of scholarship essay that you are required to write can vary widely from institute to institute. While in some cases you are asked to compose a personal statement, others require you to submit a project proposal.Hence, you must read the essay directions very carefully. In some cases, applicants are given fairly detailed directions with regard to what kind of essay the selection committee is expecting from them. In case you find the given directions to be ambiguous, it is always a good idea to contact the administrator to ask for clarifications.

Make your essay stand out

The essay requirement for applying for a scholarship to study abroad is in reality a great opportunity for you to stand out among the crowd of applicants – most of whom might be coming from similar backgrounds as you are. By creating an incredible essay, you can demonstrate to the scholarship selection committee how talented you really are. You can include a story of personal perseverance in your essay. Or you can write about your past accomplishments in the essay, in order to demonstrate what a dedicated and talented individual you are.

Try to be memorable

The selection committee members would have to go through a number of scholarship essays. You have to ensure that your essay is written in such an impressive manner that it stays in their mind,even after they’ve gone through all the essays. There are two ways in which you can achieve this goal. Try to be original and descriptive while writing. If you’ve a unique personal background, do not hesitate to make it a part of the essay. It is also important that you write in a descriptive manner in order to make your essay memorable.

Try to be yourself

Another very important point that you need to keep in mind while writing your scholarship essay, is to ‘be yourself’. Make sure that whatever you choose to write about in your essay is an accurate depiction of who you are. It should not be an exaggerated account of what you want to be in the future, or what you think the selection committee members would expect you to be like.

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