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How to use emails in UK

The email is already one more piece of the puzzle of our day to day. One of the most useful tools that have come to us due to the internet and that constant connection we have, considerably facilitating communication with other people and, above all, the handling of information and files of all kinds. Companies, for example, constantly use it to share documents, in addition to internal communication.

Many companies that are a benchmark in the field of information technology and networks have launched their own proposals in this field. Here we must focus on few major email providers. These accounts are the first with which this company began to provide e-mail service to people and, although they can not be created, they can be used.

How to use Hotmail

Step 1: How you can create a Microsoft account

The first thing you should keep in mind to have an email available and you can create an account in Hotmail is that you must have a Microsoft account. This step is very important since this company is looking to unify all email domains in one place, but if you already have an account, you must go to the section to log in, otherwise you can access the following address and create your account in Microsoft: https://signup.live.com

Step 2: Enter the information in the registration form

After you are inside the page you have a variety of options at your disposal so you can create a Hotmail account. The first option that shows you is in which you can use an existing email address that you have previously created such as Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL Mail or you can also use the second option of using a mobile number. But as we want to create an account in Hotmail, we will click on the option that says “Get a new email address” that you can find below. After this we will be shown a series of options to choose the domain of our email, which can be: @outlook.com or @hotmail.com.

Now, once you have chosen the Hotmail option, you must fill in the blank space where you should write the name of your email. Remember that special characters such as % or $ and spaces are not allowed. The title of the email must be alphanumeric and if it already exists in the system, a red notice will appear just below with the announcement “this address is already in use”. If everything is fine and the mail is authentic click on “Next”.

Step 3: How to create a password

The first thing you have to do is enter a password as reliable as possible and with at least eight characters so that you can enter later in your email account. What we recommend is to combine the use of uppercase and lowercase letters, you can also include numbers and special characters to make it as difficult as possible for an illegal entry. But yes, you have to memorize it and keep it in a safe place that you can remember. If you are using other accounts in other social networks, you can use the same password, but it is somewhat risky that may affect you later. If you do not want to receive advertising from Microsoft, click on the small box that appears. Then, you click on ” Next ” to continue.

How to use Gmail

We assume that to access Gmail mail we have created our account. If you do not have it created, you will have to do it. Well, those of us who have already created our Gmail account, we put this address in our browser: accounts.google.com. Then we put our email address, our password and click on login.

Read received messages

Once we have logged in, we will be referred to a menu where the e-mails we have received are, where we can create our own e-mails and then send them, etc. We will start with the management of the messages we have received. This is seen in the inbox. In the left part we will see a series of words aligned vertically, we will focus on the part that is received , and in parentheses we get the number of emails that we have received and that we have not yet read. On the right side, we get each email received and with a subject as title.

Send an email with Gmail

It is quite simple, because what we are looking for is in the same menu that we get to read the emails we receive. We just have to look at the left side, where we will see a big red box where you put on REDACTAR . We have to click there to start writing our message.

Write the email

Once we click on the wording, on the right we will open a small window where we will start to write our email. In the upper part there is a bar where Para. There we will put the address of the person to whom we are going to send the email. Below is another bar that says Subject. It is not mandatory to put a subject, it is used to give information to the recipient about the content of the email. Under those 2 boxes there is a large blank box, it is the writing area. That’s where we’ll write the email content. Once we finish writing, we will go to the bottom left and we see a blue box where it says SEND.

How to use Yahoo mail

The first thing you will have to do is access the Yahoo!. In the menu on the left you will see the “Mail” icon, click on it to start. You will see a form to log in to the platform. However, it also gives you the option to create a new email. Click on ” Create a new account ” to do so.

Write your first e-mail

It does not differ much from other email providers, at least in its web version or webmail. In fact, the organization by folders in the column on the left is common to most of its competitors. Similar to the Gmail tabs, Yahoo! Mail has “smart views”, which filter the emails we receive depending on whether they are shopping, finances, highlights, unread … If what you want to do is write your first e-mail, click on ” Compose ” (above all) and you can start writing it.

How to use Outlook

Setting up an email in Outlook may seem a little complicated if you have never used a desktop mail manager. First, before setting up an email in Outlook, you need to have at least one email account. That is, you have an email account created in one of the multiple email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. On the other hand, if you have your own website you can choose (for reasons of image and professionalism) to use a personalized email with your domain.

Now that you have created your email accounts, you are ready to move on to the next step: set up an Outlook email on your computer. The data that you will need to have on hand to configure your mail in Outlook are: Your email address and your password. Depending on your mail provider, the settings you are using for incoming and outgoing mail. For example, POP3 or IMAP for incoming mail and SMTP for outgoing mail. If you do not have this last point very clear, do not worry. Most of the time, when you have to configure mail in Outlook, these protocols will be automatically detected once you have supplied your email address and password.

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