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How to make eCommerce website using WordPress

The eCommerce websites have become very common among digital users, and in future, every retailer will prefer it because in the future people will not have enough time to go to a physical shop so they will do shopping online. It is important to start building eCommerce websites today, there are many ways to make eCommerce websites but WordPress is the most common platform because it is simpler than any other platforms available.

Steps to make an eCommerce website on word press

  1. Buy host

In order for a website to be accessed from anywhere by anyone, you need to buy a hosting service which allows you to make your website accessible on the internet. A web host is a big area from which you can buy small area to make your website there.  There are many host providers, which provide web-hosting services like GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost and others.

  1. Buy domain name

Domain name is the address of your website’s location.  Business usually buys a domain name that matches their business name so that people can easily find them on the internet.  Many hosting services provide you domain service for minor charges or free, you just have to select the domain name for your website and register it so that no one else can steal it.

  1. Buy SSL Certificate

Buying SSL certificate is very important for eCommerce stores because when customers buy on your website so they give their private information like password and credit card number to make the transaction happen. Create certificate online makes sure that all the information customer give will be protected and will be kept private, without it customer will not buy from your website.

  1. Install WordPress

After buying host, domain and SSL certificate, you are ready to install WordPress. All you have to do is that download file from wordpress.org, then with the help of FTP software, upload those files on your web server, after that make SQL database and user for it, configure WordPress so that it can be linked with the SQL database we just made and then complete installation process and setup your eCommerce site .

  1. Set a Theme for your website

Next step is to find a theme on which your whole eCommerce store will be based on, it should be chosen carefully after evaluating every theme possible, your theme should be simpler for the customer and should function properly from point of entry to point of exit. You will find the option of themes under Appearance tab, it will contain free themes but if you want to try additional themes so you will have to purchase it.

  1. Personalize theme for your eCommerce store

After setting your theme your next job is to give it a personal touch so that its looks different and according to the looks that match your business. You can edit your theme with customizing function under Appearance tab; you can change color, fonts, view and photos or logo of your company. You also have the option to optimize your website according to the computers, smartphones, and tablets.

  1. Add content

Now you can add content to your eCommerce website by clicking on add new under pages tab option, you have to add title and text to the page along with SEO linked with it. Now your first page is ready, if you want to add more pages then follow the same procedure again, you can add pages to navigation menu also according to your categories. After this, publish it.

  1. Install an eCommerce Plugin

Next step is to add eCommerce plugin that is best for the eCommerce business. To add a plugin go to plugin option and select add new, after selecting the suitable plugin install and activate it. Before selecting certain plugin, check how customers have rated it you do not want to select a plugin that your customers will hate.

  1. Add products

Now you will add your product by going to the products tab. You have to provide every information about the product like what the name of the product is, what the product is, which category it belongs to and price of it.

You should also add the pictures of your product so that people can see and identify what it is and what its condition is.

  1. Check as a customer

Now your website is complete but not ready to launch because you have to check if your website is fully functional or not, check if there is any problem in the website and check if a transaction system is properly functioning. After completing this inspection and checking your own website as a customer, you are ready to launch and promote your website.

Conclusion: When you are building an eCommerce website then WordPress is the common platform to make an eCommerce site on. There are ten main steps involved in building your eCommerce website on WordPress that are mentioned above. If you do not want to follow these ten steps then you can take help of website development companies.

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