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How Do I Speed up my Computer?

Slow PC

This is a problem that practically everyone that has a computer suffers from. I even
know people that have told me that they have a new computer and when I ask why,
they say that the other one was just too slow!
This is not a reason for you to go out and spend some of your hard-earned cash on
a new computer; there are many ways in which you can speed it up but first, why
does it slow down?

Well, the answer to that one would probably take me about a day to answer and
more words than I care to ask you to read!
The main reason is that it just gets clogged up with all sorts of stuff that you don’t
necessarily know is there. Every time you visit a website for instance, there can be
a myriad of files that are downloaded on to your computer without you knowing.
This is why it’s important that you delete your “cache” on a daily basis. It will help
to keep your computer at an acceptable speed.

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Don’t you know how to delete your cache? If not, this is how you do it:

 Go to the start button at the bottom left hand side of you screen (windows
based operating systems only), if you have anything else, I can’t help.

 Select the control panel.

 Then select internet options.

 You will be faced with a dialogue box that should be on the general tab as a
default. The 2nd  option is for you to “delete”. Don’t be afraid of this button,
you won’t be doing anything to harm your computer, in fact; you will be
doing it a favour.

 Once you hit delete, you will be faced with a few more options of what it is
you wish to delete; I tend to do everything except passwords as I’m getting
on and barely ever remember them!

 Once you have selected everything you wish to get rid of, hit delete again
and away you go.

If your computer takes a while to finish this job, you will probably notice a
difference in the speed straight away. This is just one way in which you can speed
up your computer.
The other thing you can do is to perform a defragmentation regularly, information
on how you can do this will be found within the help section of your operating

One thing I will say is if you are serial internet surfer, when you see the button
“download” don’t just click it without knowing what you’re downloading first.
I’ve lost count of the amount of times my Mum has called and said “the computer
isn’t working properly” only to go around and find that she has downloaded some
software that she really didn’t need.

There are lots files associated with downloaded software and they get stored all
over your computer so keep this in mind before you go ahead and hit that
download button.

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