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Here’s How You Can Improve And Expand Your Vocabulary

For whatever reason you might wish to expand your vocabulary, the key towards achieving this goal is a constant commitment to learning new words on a regular basis. There are countless benefits to having a large vocabulary. Broadening your vocabulary would not help you achieve better results for your academic and professional goals, but it is also a necessary element of your personal growth. A broad vocabulary enables you to communicate better. You are able to express your ideas in a clear and concise manner – not only in your writing, but also in your spoken language. Consequently, you come across to other people as a smart and intelligent person. As you are now clearer in your conversation, people will understand you more easily. Not only this, learning new words is an enjoyable activity. Below are a few tips by following which you will be able to learn new words and enlarge your vocabulary.

Read extensively 

Reading extensively allows you to be exposed to a large number of new words. To achieve the purpose of strengthening your vocabulary, you should choose a variety of reading materials. Not only should you read novels and literary works, but also newspapers and magazines. This will enable you to uncover countless new words. As you come across new words while reading, you should look up the meanings of those words in a dictionary. But it is also very important that you try to make sense of the meaning from the context of the sentence in which the word appears.

Keep a record

A very easy way to build your vocabulary is to make a list of all the new words that you discover. You can then go through the list and practice using these words in your everyday speaking and writing – otherwise you might not retain them for long. Besides, keeping a journal of all new words that you have learned will encourage you to learn even more. It will provide positive reinforcement as it will let you know the number of new words that are now a part of your vocabulary.

Play word games

In your pursuit for broadening your vocabulary, word games can prove to be a very useful tool. These games challenge you, and enable you to discover many new words, while you are involved in a fun activity. Crossword puzzles, word jumble, and Scrabble, are a few word games which you can enjoy playing. You will find some word games even in newspapers. Also, there are countless word game websites on the internet.

Engage in conversations

Not only will you be exposed to new words by reading extensively, but also by talking to other people. Make a note of the new words that you hear while engaged in a conversation with someone. You can then search the meaning of these words later on. Furthermore, it is very important that you make use of the new words that you learn in your conversations so that they become a part of your everyday vocabulary.

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