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Here’s How To Craft An Exceptional Narrative Essay

Narrative essays basically involve telling a story,based on your own life experiences, related to a particular class theme. If approached properly, working on these assignments can turn out to be a really enjoyable task. Following are a few guidelines which would help you come up with a brilliant narrative essay.

Choosing a story related to the given theme

A narrative essay can broadly be divided into two parts: a story and its analysis. You are generally required to write a narrative essay about a particular concept or issue. But in order to illustrate that theme, you will make use of a personal story. To make your point in such an essay, you’ll rely on a personal experience. Narrative essays mostly do not require much research. But why are students given these essays as school assignments? Firstly, such assignments help evaluate the creative story-telling skills of students. Secondly, they test how well the students to able to connect their personal life experiences with aparticular theme.

The story must have a manageable plot

It’s highly important that the story you choose to write has a manageable plot. A good narrative essay is one that tells a specific story with clear details. But at the same time, your writing needs to be fairly concise. So be careful not to introduce too many characters in our story. Also, do not extend the plot unnecessarily. Being mindful of these elements from the very beginning would help you avoid going over the required essay word limit. As an example, you can choose to write about a particular family vacation, or a weekend out with friends. In contrast, ‘this summer vacation’would be a bad topic for a narrative essay. This is because it’s just too broad to include all the fine details that characterize a good narrative essay.

Make sure you select a story with vibrant details

Another characteristic of a good narrative essay is that it’s full of crystal clear details. In order to make the story come to life, try to enrich it with the use of sensory and descriptive details. At the time of selecting the story, try picking one that is rich in these kinds of details. Narrative essays are basically non-fiction, which means that you have to write about something that actually happened, instead of making up a story. But while trying to remain as true to the actual story as possible, you can use your imagination to fill in the gaps if required.

Outline the plot before you start writing

Before you start writing the essay, make an outline of the story’s plot. Think about the beginning and the ending of your story. To avoid missing out any of the important points of your story, list down all of them in your outline. Choose an interesting starting point, in order to get the readers hooked right from the beginning. Unless it’s a requirement of the assignment, you don’t need to create a formal outline. All you need to do is to jot down the important scenes of the story,as it would help you stay organized while writing.

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