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Few handy tech items everyone should own step by step

We spend countless amounts of cash on tech items such as toothbrushes enabled by Bluetooth to toast makers that print your face on toasts. But the items we will mention below are the ones everyone should own in today’s world:


Wireless Headphones

With time wireless headphone are getting pretty affordable while provide decent sound and being easy to keep and carry. Unlike regular headphones they are also a lot more comfortable to wear and have a better more tech feel to them. As resident of current century, we think everyone should own a pair of these.


Bluetooth speaker

Latest smartphones versions can produce a great amount of sound; however they can’t match the same voice quality/ clarity you get from a Bluetooth speaker. If you interested in getting a Bluetooth Speaker you might want to consider the recent version known as The Amazon Echo that comes with the double duty sound along with an internet connection and voice assistance.


Portable charger for your smartphone

We all had that feeling when we ran out of our door knowing that our smartphone battery is almost dead and won’t survive the night without charging. Now you can ditch that feeling with the help of a portable smartphone charger. These chargers will provide you all the extra juice your battery need without the need of plugging anything on the wall.


A streaming controller or stick

One of the most useful gadgets that stood up in past few years would be a streaming stick that can beam content such as videos from your computer or phone to your television. Google chromecast is a fantastic example of this. Even though these aren’t cheap, but definitely worth your money.


A good quality Camera

Nowadays most people like to reply only on their smartphone cameras. Even though your smartphone camera is pretty decent, owning a proper digital camera can come in handy as well. SonyRC100 and a starting level DSLR might be a good affordable choice.



Owing A selfie Stick

Love them/ hate them or make fun of them, but nobody can deny the fact that nothing can take great group selfies as good as a selfie stick. The only possible downside of this is that you have to use your phone timer as it has no connectivity option. A selfie stick has proven its worth and is definitely something everyone must own in today’s world.


Fitness tracking watch band

If you’re a fitness fanatic and want to know how many steps you took, how many stairs you climbed and how many miles you’ve walked in a day? A fitness tracker is something you should totally own. These watches track everything and provide you with the results when you desire. A fine example of a good fitness tracking watch would be Samsung Gear Fit2.



There is something magical about the E-reader as it can hold tons of books in it at the same time with the mass of a single journal. I personally used it when I needed help with dissertation and needed to make documents while travelling. The display E-reader provides is a lot softer on eyes as compare to a computer. If you like to read this is a must have item for you.


Smartphone stand\holder

If you’re an office worker who works daily in front of a computer screen, it isn’t a bad option to have a smartphone start to keep your phone safe charged throughout the day.


A USB adapter cigarette lighter

If your one of those guys who stays on road a lot. This is no doubt an incredibly handy tool for you to have in your car. It can also allow you to play tunes in old vehicles with the need of USB or aux-in cables etc.

Home security camera 

If you spend most of your time out of your house, but want to keep an eye on your Kingdome while you’re gone. Get an internet connected spy cam such as NestCam which you can connect with your smartphone through an App, this will be your eyes when you’re not in your home.


Owning a lost stuff finder

Are you the kind of person who often forget stuff and have a hard time finding it? Get a tile mate to keep it with your phone or inside your wallet. This will enable you to track your lost items with a map. This also have a homing sound option that you can use when you feel you are close to help you locate the lost item easily.

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