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Famous Models Who Are More Educated Than You Think!

There is a false saying that one can either be good looking or smart. Well this logic does not apply on these models as they have proven everyone wrong with their education background. If you feel stuck with all of your education classes and feel like you will never be able to life a full glamorous life. Let these women prove you wrong. Below we will mention few top models that are more educated then you think:

Christy Turlington

She is also known as the Maybelline girl, Christy is one of the original Supers of the industry like Cindy Crawford. Beside her successful modeling career she also teaches yoga and is a successful yogi as well. She started her modeling career when she was just 14 years old and went from an average model up to 10 grand a day model. Her academic qualification is B.A. in Proportional Religion/Eastern Philosophy from NYU. She once again left her modeling career for her education and did Masters in public health from the country of Columbia.


Lily Cole

She is an English model and an actress. She has worked with name like Vogue and playboy. She has also worked many runways and has been in many fashion shows. She even earned the honor of being the model of the year at the British fashion awards. Lily has also been in many famous movies. She has been through the King’s college Cambridge but she deflected from it twice so she can focus more on her modeling career.


Sasha Pivovarova

This 24 year old famous Russian model has reached peaks at the age of 24 years. This veteran top model is best famous for her sharp cheekbone and steely eyes. She was also the face of parade for sex years in her career. She has worked with many big names including Louis Vuitton,Chanel,Valentino, and almost every other famous designer. On top of that she is also a successful artist who has done her won exhibitions in New York. She was a student at Saint Petersburg institute for arts.


Cindy Crawford

She is probably the most famous model here at our list. Cindy was the most famous model of 1990s and has worked with big names like Versace, Clairol, Revlon, Maybelline, and Pepsi along with many other magazines. Cindy studied chemical engineering from Northwestern University but later left it for her modeling career.



Iman is originally from Somalia and a world famous model. She married David Bowie and became fashion icon of the year 1995. She did a lot of work for minority women who wanted to pursue a career as a model. Her educational background includes studying political science at the University of Nairobi. She is one of those few models who can speak five languages.


Brook Shields

A famous model who is best known for her work in moves and other TV programs, but she is been on our screens since she was 11 month. She started working as a child model for a kid’s agency but later became a professional model and started working for big brands. She can be seen as a cover picture of many magazines. With a proper modeling career since a very young age she actually had a great education background as well, she studied French literature from the University of Princeton.

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