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Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Age Education

Education is the most aspect that every person need for self-growth. Without proper education your future will never be bright. With passing time every country worldwide is trying to improve their education system to help their generations proper in life. There is no doubt that our modern day educations possess thousands of benefits but there are also few drawbacks. Today we will talk about five most significant advantages and dis advantages of modern education system:

Advantages of Education System

  • Modern education is a dynamic way of learning as students learn a lot faster. The student and teacher one on one interaction system help students understands concepts better. The basic aspect of education is to make students learn and modern education system does exactly that.
  • Enabling student to take part is activities which help making them more confident. Modern education system allow students to do a lot more than just study and help them become more social and teach them ways to interact with crowd and manage different situations. Students become more active in participating with their teachers.
  • The missing communication gap between students and teachers is one of the most essential aspects of modern education system. Students feel more confident and help them in their daily life as well. A friendly environment of a classroom help students engage and learn more.
  • Having recreational activities in schools helps take students mind off study and lessen their burden. Because of such activities student often look forward to schooling.
  • Making student punctual and helping them become more consistent. Classes and lectures are scheduled on a specific time that helps students be more punctual which leads to better discipline.

Disadvantages of Modern Age Education System

  • On of the biggest disadvantage of this modern age schooling is that students are completely dependent upon their teachers. This spoon feeding often end up taking all the creativity off the table as students basically take order form their teachers and follow them exactly. This behavior later leads to modern age slavery and other issues like that.
  • Another big issue that modern age education systems possess is the issue of favoritism. It isn’t un common when a teacher ends up showing favoritism towards a certain group or an individual student. Even though teacher are meant to treat every student equally and any teacher does otherwise should be punished.
  • Sometimes extra activities over shadow studies and students end up focusing on them more than their actually studies. This can be seen a lot recently as students are failing to maintain a proper balance in between their studies and other activities. This is the main cause why students these days are unable to do their assignment and have to hire online dissertation writing services to do their work for them.
  • Negative groups of kids are all across school and colleges. Such groups often end up destroying a student’s academic career and studies. Many students end up addicted to drugs which leads to a painful ending. The worst part about this is that these negative factors are prospering under our noses and nobody is taking any serious action against them.
  • The last but not the least thing that is wrong with our modern age education system is the cost they ask for. There is no doubt that the tuition fee these school an colleges ask for is extremely un reasonable, in order to provide their kids with high quality education parents have to work double job which leads to stress and other related issues.

Like a wise man once said “here is no black and white in this world, it’s all grey”. Even though our modern education system has many disadvantages but its ability to provide quality education to our students beat all the negatives. Every student is different and if raised right they will surely end up making the right choices for them and their academic career.

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