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5 Amazing Tools for the Content Writer to Write Quality Content

Nowadays content is becoming a crucial part of any organization or for any company. “Content is considered as a king for any website.” Every organization focuses on their content after the google panda update. Everyone wants to make their company position high on the internet. To come on google top ranking is the only goal of any organization. If a company website is not visible online then it is not possible to increase the productivity of any business. Companies even hire the content writers for writing the valuable content for their brand or products. For this reason content writing jobs opportunities for the candidates are also increased day-by-day. The users come to know about all your product or services by reading your content.

Content writers are more focused towards content writing because they know the value of unique and creative content. If the content is not unique, then no matter how much content you published you can’t increase your website ranking. For the help of content writers, there are a number of tools available now. With the help of these tools, content writers can easily write effective content.

Write some great content with the help of these amazing tools:

Headline Generator: Content writer faces so many problems whenever they need to make an effective title every time. To make a title on same topic every time is not an easy task. For the ease of content writers there is a number of headline generator available now including title generator, Tweak Your BIZ, Content Ideator, Portent Content Title Maker, Impact Bond Blog Title generator, and much more available online.

Grammarly- Grammar Checker: When you need to write lots of content in a day then spellings mistakes and grammar mistakes is very common.  To make them correct you can’t depend on anyone and or on any proofreader. Your word processor can’t underline all your mistakes so for better writing you can check your grammar on Grammarly.ly. You can add an extension on chrome or on whatever browser you used. You can also copy your content in Grammarly then it will find all the spellings mistakes and grammar mistakes within few seconds.  You don’t need to put some extra effort in finding the error after correction read your document once. Other than Grammarly you can check your content on ginger online, Grammar Check, Online correction etc. Working off all the tools is almost same.

Google Trend: This is the most useful tools that are used by the content writers as well as by SEO people. Via google trend, you can easily know what is most trending on the market. When you are getting confused about what to write then you can check a latest and trendy topic on google trend. You can compare between any two topics to know which is most trendy nowadays. For instance- if you want to compare SEO and SMO then you can compare easily, you can see the result according to different countries.

Hemingway Editor: Hemingway editor allows you to write the content more clear and bold. With the help of this tool, you can easily find the common errors. This tool highlights the complex sentences which are difficult for the readers to understand and suggest you some easy words instead of using them. You can also check the long sentences which you need to change. This tool is easy to use, you just need to sign in and then paste your content to check the errors. This tool is different from the grammarly tool; because in Grammarly you can check the spellings and grammar mistakes but in this, you can see all the complex problems in your content.

Readability Test Tool: This is an amazing tool you can check your content readability score with the help of this tools. This tool shows you how much your content easy to read and how much difficult or complex your content is. You can check your content by entering your website URL, by direct input or by reference. It shows a red scale which means your content is little complex and also shows a green scale which shows how easy to read your content.

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